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About Us

I S Enterprises is one of Chennai’s best, a well established and recognized name in the recycling industry.

Over 2 years of success with representing yards/ offices in the region specializing in trading; processing and supplying, Ferrous and Non-Ferrous scrap metals the company has earned a prestigious place in the field.

Metals we deal with
Alloys, Aluminum, Brass (yellow & red), Copper Insulated Wires, Non-Ferrous Metals, Radiators, Stainless Steel, Carbide Inserts, Containers
And more.

Our company employs professional and qualified specialists able to ensure execution of every order in a quality way and on a timely basis. We create conditions for continuous improvement for our employees and encourage them to work as guided by the following values:
*Quality products for every customer
*Timely execution of orders is a key to recommendations
*Each customer must be shown respect and special attention.
*Mutual understanding between partners guarantees a successful way to cooperation.
*The optimal ratio between quality and price ensures a competitive advantage.

Continuous improvement and development represent a corporate strategy of I S Enterprises, We are appreciated by our suppliers of raw materials and purchasers as reliable and responsible partners. Therefore, we do our best to preserve our good reputation by posing higher and higher requirements for ourselves on a continuous basis and seeking to achieve even better results. We purposefully strive to establish ourselves in the market as a leader of trade in raw materials in the region through hard and effective work, the constant search for new cooperation opportunities and by offering the best ratio between quality and price.